Fire User Fee Class Action Suit

A hearing took place on May 10, 2022 at the Marion County Judicial Center. Details on the disbursement of funds can be found at Questions should be directed to the claims administrator, The Notice Company Inc., via email at
  • or by telephone at 1-800-241-9840. We appreciate your patience.


    Se llevó a cabo una audiencia el 10 de mayo de 2022 en el Centro Judicial del Condado de Marion. Los detalles sobre el desembolso de fondos se pueden encontrar en Las preguntas deben dirigirse al administrador de reclamos, The Notice Company Inc., por correo electrónico a o por teléfono al 1-800-241-9840. Nosotros apreciamos su paciencia.

    Elevation 89 At the Ocala Airport

    Elevation 89 Hours of Operation:

    Daily, 11AM - 9PM

    Welcome to Ocala International Airport!

    Ocala International Airport / Jim Taylor Field Policy Statement

    The City of Ocala will promote the Ocala International Airport as a premier general aviation airport serving commercial, industrial and corporate needs of the City of Ocala and Marion County.  The City intends to concentrate on operating the airport as a general aviation facility, expanding current infrastructures to accommodate large aviation activities, while maintaining high levels of service to its tiedown and t-hangar clientele.  The Ocala International Airport will be operated with fiscal responsibility and responsiveness to the needs of its users and tenants.  The vacant Airport land shall be marketed to its highest and best use to ensure the financial viability of the City-owned facility. The City encourages the cooperation of private and public sector investment for the development of corporate hangars and other compatible uses at the Ocala International Airport.

    The City will continue to cooperate with Marion County, airport neighbors and community residents to ensure the airport and its surrounding environment are compatible.

    The City recognizes the Ocala Airport Advisory Board as an advisory community group and will utilize this voice to assist in providing input for the development and implementation of airport progress, and to provide a means of positive communication with airport users.

    Elevation 89 Restaurant Hours 

    Elevation 89 is open Daily, serving Lunch and Dinner from 11AM - 9PM.   Contact (352) 655-2880 for reservations or catering requests.

    Rental Car Pick-up and Return at the New GA Terminal

    As a reminder, rental car customers must park in designated rental agency parking spaces when picking up or dropping off rental vehicles. Unattended vehicles parked in Tow-away zones or non-designated spaces will be towed at owner or renter's expense.  The covered entrance and traffic lanes in front of the terminal building are for passenger pickup or drop off only.  Overnight parking of privately owned vehicles is prohibited and violator's vehicles will also be towed at owner's expense. 

    Please note:  Overnight Parking is NOT ALLOWED in the terminal parking lot.  Illegally parked vehicles may be towed at owner's expense.